Friday, May 8, 2015

Organizing with Gift Bags

Hello there! Since I'm averaging about 1 post per month (maybe less?), it feels like a good time to update. "If you don't use it, you lose it" might not be true for The 40 Year Old Virgin, but it's definitely true for right brain activity. So here we are, with the monthly(ish) right brain writing exercise!

Our closets are tiny. When I search for inspirational images of tiny closets, they are all so much bigger then ours. (I want to know what these people are used to that makes them think their closets are small.) One of the first areas of the house that I started working on when we moved in was the his and hers master closets. Close to a year later, I'm still working on them, reorganizing something every week. Do you ever feel like organizing/cleaning/living hacks are unnecessarily complicated?

So all you do is measure and cut X number of rectangles out of cardboard? Then you perfectly fit them together so they don't fall over, decorate them because cardboard is ugly (and dirty) and somehow make them strong enough to not budge when full of stuff. Voila! Easy?

Maybe I just think it's complicated because that kind of diy never works out for me. My favorite organizers are gift bags. I hang them on walls, use them in drawers, place them on shelves, and use them as hat rests. They work anywhere, and they are pretty. The easiest way to get a finished edge and reinforce the sides of a bags is to simply fold the bag in on itself.

I take one corner, measure the height of the drawer and pinch it to mark where the fold will start. Then I proceed to fold in all the sides. Don't worry about making it straight, the bag kind of lets you know when it needs adjustment. The pics are confusing to follow. Their real purpose is to show you that it looks weird and wrong in the process. I am always sure the bag will end up destroyed, but that hasn't happened yet.

I was really excited to fit 3 drawers worth of stuff into 1 drawer. This is organizing necessities btw, not organized hoarding.

Wine bags stuffed half way with paper and folded over are perfect for hats!

Now that these drawers are fitted with gift bags and organized, there is a lot more room to breathe in my closet. After organizing the storage drawers, I wanted the outside to be just as pretty. You can probably guess, all I did was modpodge wrapping paper inside the fronts. I'm really good at taking before pictures of projects, that's why there's a picture of the DHs drawers standing in as a substitute. This was a fun organizing project to do with the baby around. Sometimes he undoes everything before I can finish, this time he sat quietly with a few decoy bags. I hope you enjoyed this little organizing hack as much as baby did!