Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Laundry Room Makeover!

I'm attempting to follow the 14 Week Organizing Challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons. This is from week two: The Laundry Room. Our laundry room was such a catastrophe that I couldn't even begin the challenge without a complete overhaul. Each week, we usually end up with at least one extra load to wash from clothes that touched a surface in the room. Yada yada yada...You know how makeup addicts occasionally participate in no buys (they don't spend money on makeup for a set amount of time)? I took some inspiration from that and decided to redo the laundry room with what I could find in the garage. Using up some of that junk killed 2 birds (you know, with one stone). You probably don't care much for killing birds, so I'll move on to a list of how I brought life to the laundry room.
But first, a glimpse of what I had to work with.

1.Popcorn removed!
2.The ceiling and walls were painted. There is no way to scrub stains, especially grease, out of flat paint. Semi gloss was a better choice for a room that needs to stay clean. (I used a quart of white-labeled "chairs," um yeah not the color of our chairs-mixed with the remainder of our bedroom paint.)
3.In the end, every single surface was painted: the light fixture, tile grout(Polyblend grout renew), trim, shelves, even the clothing rod...seriously, everything. was. painted.
4.Those dingy baseboards? They weren't even attached to the wall! How did we not notice that right away? Anyways, attached and painted.
5.After removing the built-ins in my closet, I used one side as an extra utility shelf. That was taken down, cut in half, evened out and rehung as 2 separate shelves. This gave me a designated space for the paint that we do want to keep.
6.The clothing rod had mildew and it wasn't coming clean with sanding, sanding, and more sanding. Whitewashing it turned out beautifully. I topped it off with a finishing wax to smooth everything out.

7.You see the rack holding the cleaning tools? My dad made that for my junior high orchestra class. Just thought you'd like to know.
8.To make more room for clothes to air dry, I used a curtain rod we had sitting in a closet to store the empty hangers.
9.In addition to painting, everything had to be re-caulked. I went through 2 tubes of caulking! (Wait...why did we have 2 whole tubes sitting around? See what I mean about using up junk.)

10.Do you see that metal piece hanging on the wall? It was part of the screen door of the house my grandma grew up in, which her dad built. Just thought you'd like to know ;) Also thought you'd like to know, I just noticed it's possibly upside down.

11.The most exciting part is the counter for folding clothes that the LO has been wanting. I made that, as well as the support braces, from a piece of mdf that was used to support a mattress in an old bed frame. (Thanks for the counter, parental units!)
12. I even painted the canvas bins...seriously, we have so much leftover paint.

After the makeover, I still had to complete the to do list from A Bowl Full of Lemons, which wasn't so bad. Not being afraid to touch anything makes it easier to clean. Having a clean space makes it easier to organize. Finally, it was time to move everything back in and teach the baby how to fold clothes on his new counter. We're both really excited about that part! There are still a few ideas floating around, such as adding moulding to the front of the shelf to finish it, but that would be breaking the no buy rules. (Confession, I did buy a level and a hand saw, but I don't think tools qualify.)

P.s. In all the tutorials I found for building the shelf, no one mentioned what to do about the water valves. All of my inspirational laundry rooms looked as if they didn't water have valves. I decided to cut a 3 inch deep niche the width of the faucets to accommodate the space. It turned out well.