Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting Settled

Moving is hard: all of the packing and unpacking and help from a baby who's doing the opposite. The hardest part is leaving a home for a house. When you realize the new house is now a home, it's so heart warming. We have a long way to go. So far, all I've really accomplished is finishing the baby room. Life is easier with a safe place for him to hang out, so it took top priority.

It's been a rough year for all 3 of us. Baby Huu wont sleep anywhere except our bed, unless we are holding him. He is naturally a bad sleeper, mostly due to reflux as an infant and a recurrence of reflux with the introduction of solids. (Welcome back fountains of puke, I missed you!) After failed attempts with a few different sleeping arrangements, and a regression after moving, I decided to try the Montessori method. This means he is sleeping on a floor mattress, which means we have to baby proof his room like crazy! I thought I would be a minimalist baby proofer, after all, it's so aesthetically displeasing. Turns out, we have a climber. (Yeah. Go ahead and laugh.) I'm taking care of it with earthquake level measures. (I see you're laughing again.) He tipped his dresser over at 7 months, luckily I was there to catch it. Now it's tethered to the wall. And yes, he still tries to climb it.

He's actually sleeping alone-ish right now!

My "blogging station" is an ottoman on the floor of his room. I do love looking at other bloggers elaborate, beautiful, peaceful desks/offices where they get creative and write, but that wont happen anytime soon. So here I sit, trying to hide the computer everytime he peeks at me through sleepy eyes. His room is more toddler friendly in this house, though not completely Montessori. I'm not going to replace everything we already have with organic versions, but the concept of encouraging learning through exploration and play is there.

I hear you... stop blabbering and share some pictures of his room.

These Dr. Seuss and Charlie Brown books were my moms and her syblings. ♥

It was hard to find magnets he could pull off the board that were too big for him to eat, so I glued magnets to wooden shapes. And a Lego.

I love this shelf. It's a money/sock drawer from the first department store that opened in my hometown. They put socks in the window front and the rest is slotted for bills. So old school. I'm not sure what it is about having toys displayed like this, but he always seems more interested in whatever is there then anything else.

Looking at the "before and after" pics shows how different a room can feel using the same objects in a new manner. We added a picture frame, from my sister, turned into a magnetic board and switched out his bed. We also added the money drawer from the master bath in the old house. Personally, the nursery was a bit prettier, but the new room is more casual and comfortable. We hung out often as a family in there when Mr. Huu was in town and that it what makes a home.

The nursery, for reference: