Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How does motherhood play into my wardrobe?

Women always try to tame themselves as they get older, but the ones who look best are often a bit wilder. - Miuccia Prada

I've been trying to figure out how to dress as a SAHM since day one. After yesterdays post, I wanted to lighten things up a bit, but I have another confession: I'm still wearing maternity clothes. They aren't really maternity clothes, but I wore them so much while I was pregnant that the garments retained a pregnant shape. This is happening for many reasons:
My pre-baby clothes got lost in the attic.
Not like they fit up until a few weeks ago anyways.
They are dressy because they were work clothes.
This kid is messy. He had reflux and threw up multiple times a day the first 6 months.
Now we've graduated to eating puffs...omg those things are sticky!
No one ever sees me, right? Wrong, I embarrass myself around the neighbors often.
I feel guilty spending money on new clothes.
I loved my former wardrobe and don't want to part with any of it.
I don't know how to dress as a mom.

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Admitting the last one is the hardest. I took classes on this. I formerly helped women dress/shop for a living! My education consisted of how to dress/design for different body types and different lifestyles. When it comes to dressing myself, there are too many emotions involved. It's so much easier to tell someone else to let go of an item. I recently realized that I'm over thinking the situation. It's not about defining my style by one single aspect of myself: being a mom. It's about reevaluating my lifestyle and upgrading my wardrobe to fit. There's no need to be one dimensional.

Now that I finally decided how to go about making changes, we're moving and most of my clothes are packed up. That doesn't mean I can put the need to merchandise on hold, I'm too excited! So, I've been busy planning how to set up the next closet and started a mood board to set the tone.

Since seo hates too many back links, I created a Pinterest board with all the sources for the mood board.