Friday, June 13, 2014

Coffee Love Affair

In case you didn't know this, or maybe you need a reminder, motherhood is exhausting! I haven't really slept since I was pregnant. The pregnancy involved a lot of "morning" sickness at night, along with being unable to lay down anywhere without pain. You don't need kids to know how the story goes after baby arrives... We can't get him to eat more in the daytime. His regular feedings are at night and his long periods of not eating are in the late morning. (I secretly think he continues to keep this routine so he has more playtime.) Occasionally, there's a couple of days where he only wakes up 2-3 times per night and it feels like progress, then things change again. The most recent change is teething. (Fingers crossed we get some sleep now that he cut another tooth today!)

While I am, and always be a tea lover, this exhaustion has driven me to a love affair with coffee and all things coffee related. I quietly evaluate each house we look at, trying to decide where I would put a coffee/breakfast bar. Pinterest has some fun coffee related inspiration for a fabulous coffee bar. These are my favorites:

Coffee Accessories! One to stay in, one to go.

Coffee Art! So much talent.

Coffee Typography!

Coffee & Donuts might be my favorite. It sounds like a good starting point for a breakfast bar. Which print is your favorite?