Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wardrobe Essentials Series: Shoes

This list started off a bit extravagant. Shoes are harder to simplify for an accessories hoarder. It's important to consider how often you need to dress a certain way and eliminate the extra items. It takes a lot of discretion to see what you need and what will waste space. I got married in flats. Does that sound like a person who wears heels? Once I realized that, I donated my heels. Most of them only worn once or twice. In making this list for yourself, think about your geographic location and the physical requirements of both work and free time.

Shoes not pictured, because you don't want to see them: work out shoes, yard work shoes, and hiking boots. Enjoy a picture of my new labels instead.

P.s. I know one of the labels is a bit off, but I don't have time to perfect things right away. It's one of those "the house is messy but the kids are happy" situations ;)

Did you know shoes need 24 hours to relax and return to their original shape/size after wearings? That's why you need at least 2 pairs of everyday shoes.

Nothing is more frustrating (wardrobe wise) to me then wanting to wear an outfit but only having shoes that don't match or are uncomfortable for the days tasks. When we step back and look at what we really use, and eliminate what we don't, our lives become so much simpler. It requires a lot of discretion and self control, but the peace that comes with living with less is worth it.