Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mommy Madness: Summer Parties

This is a mommy madness post because there is a lot of pressure around birthdays and celebrations. Everything has to be perfect, creative, delicious...I spent weeks planning a surprise birthday party for DH. And he arrived almost an hour early! Thus confirming what I suspected: he knew. Even without the surprise, the party was a success. It included a plank pyramid of four drunks, horseshoes, and a broken phone. It's not a party unless something breaks (...just kidding). It was nice to have almost our entire family here. It made Mr. Huus weekend.

While cleaning up the next day, I thought about how we spent 5 years slowly making the back porch a nice little hang out spot with a container garden (of course), misters, a fountain, a fire pit, lots of seating and an outdoor speaker. We need to really use it this summer! In the past, it was too hot and we only used the outdoor space in the spring and fall. Last summer, I was pregnant and required misters. They should have been the first thing we added.

Once it was party time, I felt exhausted and stressed by the planning and worrying about getting things together in time. I was so tired of trying to make the house look nice, that I didn't even care when a piece of hot coal fell on the dining room table. I'm staring at the burn marks right now thinking: I don't want to repaint anytime soon. Normally, I'd be like: Yes!! Paint project!!! That is how I came to realize, parties need an impromptu, casual feel. Like the centerpiece above. It's a cute way to repel mosquitoes without mixing babies and candles. It was a spur of the moment decision to split the lemon balm. I was actually going to give the plant to my mom but forgot in the madness of things.

This weekend inspired me to start a party box. We have many awesome serving dishes that were wedding gifts, which we use, but keeping decorations on hand would make things easier. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration, but pin worthy parties are expensive and time consuming. Having a party box is more in tune with my wardrobe philosophy: focus on the bones and supplement with trends, or in this case, themes. For example, we don't need a new "Happy Birthday" sign every year. We can find small ways to add a theme, like using paper goods, and reuse the basics from party to party. So what are those basics?

balloons and balloon sticks
a tassel banner
a birthday banner
ribbons and twine

What we already have in the box: confetti, photo props, lanterns, a vase, a paper tassel banner, and card holders. Eventually, as I prepare for baby Huus first birthday, the box will develop a cohesive style, but this is a fun start. What items would you stock in a party box?