Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mommy Madness: 10 things I learned on Vacation

I must be completely mad to fly alone with an infant! Actually, everything was surprisingly smooth. Here are 10 things I learned from our recent trip:

1. Agendas. They complicate things.

I have this continuously growing to do list. It's like the paper was made from a magic beanstalk. This was our first trip without any obligations and it was amazing! Baby Huu got enough sleep. I got enough sleep. We enjoyed each days impulsive activities. I wish we could always toss our to do lists out the window.

2. Babies in sunglasses and hats are super cute!

3. It's ok to let go.

It seems as though 1st time parents are usually crazy germ freaks. To be fair, I was born a crazy germ freak. I wanted to bundle baby up for the beach, so that any parasites lurking in the sand couldn't hitch a ride. Then he ate the sand and rubbed it in his eyes. We survived. Que sera sera...

4. H&M has the cutest onesies!

Which look great with bowties. Why doesn't our local H&M have a kids section?

5. Babies are stranger magnets.

Baby Huu made so many new friends on the plane! He enjoyed making faces and talking with each person. I expected fellow passengers to have negative feelings about flying with a baby. They really helped entertain him.

6. Flying alone with an infant requires patience, low expectations, and some major organization skills.

Also, TSA agents are so nice and helpful when you need it! It took two trips through the airport trying to juggle the diaper bag, a carry on, the car seat and pushing the stroller without running into anything to figure out how to do this. Don't lock the car seat handle, and hang it on the carry on handle. Duh! On our first flight, the car seat kept falling off the carry on and I couldn't keep it on top of the stroller, it was quite a work out. Leaving the car seat handle unlocked was such an obvious solution. Next time, we will have a convertible car seat which will take some engineering without a handle.

7. Scuttle is really clumsy!

We ate lunch on the pier across the street from the hotel one afternoon and spotted Scuttle. First, he flew into the post while trying to land. (That's how I knew it was him) Then he fell off the railings. He also kept a close eye on my dinglehopper. I didn't expect to spot any celebrities in California. They truly are just like the rest of us: clumsy and confused.

8. Sailboat races are fascinating.

...even though it took a while to realize the boats were actually moving. There is something so peaceful about watching sailboats. Maybe it's the fact that we aren't the ones on board, doing all the work.

9. There are perks of having a traveling spouse.

Mr. Huu has traveled for work so much since we became parents. Each time he travels, Baby Huu has an adjustment period. It's exhausting. It was nice to take advantage of all the traveling DH does and go with him. Bonus, Cali has delicious French Macaroons. You can only find macarons/coconut blobs in our metroplex.

10. Don't fret over post baby body issues.

I got a little insecure and stressed out after trying on all of my swimsuits. Nothing fit, obviously. It was uncomfortable buying a new swimsuit, but at least I found something cute. By the time we got to the beach, none of those insecurities ever crossed my mind. It was more important to be in the moment experiencing some of my babys firsts with him.

Nothing in this post is sponsored, I'm just smitten.