Friday, April 18, 2014

Goodbye Lent

This Lenten season, I did little reflecting. I wish it were possible to say I feel like a better person, that I gained something during this short season, or learned something. Even if I did learn something, it escapes me right now. That forgetfulness, blankness, is a trend from these past 7 months. The pregnancy brain and exhaustion are much worse after the baby is born. I've sat here for a while, racking my brain, trying to remember something about the past few weeks. What can I reflect on? How can I say goodbye to the last 40 days? Maybe I shouldn't. The attempt to be a better person is a 365 thing. Even if Mr. Huu and Baby Huu have to occasionally remind me to try.

There was a moment about 2 months ago, when Baby Huu spent 14 hours crying. I tried everything I could think of or find on Google. There was no solution. Eventually, I was so drained that I just sat down on the bed, holding him, and cried. He instantly stopped crying and did something he did a few days earlier that made me laugh. It was incredible to see such a young baby with that level of emotional intelligence and empathy. Those trying moments are reminders that family should always be there for each other. I will always be there to pick Baby Huu up the way he was there for me.

While I can't sum up Lent in a list the way I intended, I can leave the season with this bit of knowledge:
Found via Pinterest.

Because we love our families and love having them visit, I made an infographic to help guests feel more welcome. If the organizing specifics in the graphic apply to your home, feel free to copy the image and use it for yourself :) Have a lovely Easter weekend!