Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Favorites: Milestones

Milestones are a big deal, they let us know that we're growing, developing, and aging appropriately. It's exciting to experience our own milestones, but it's bittersweet to watch our babies reach milestones. Baby Huu is copying us more and more. He reaches out to be held, he pants like the puppies, and he slimed me in what I think was an attempted kiss. That last one is my favorite milestone so far. This weeks important milestone is crawling. He scoots across the living room in a heartbeat. He can move one leg forward when trying to crawl, but not the other. That's the only thing keeping him from following the dogs through the dog door.

My top 5 favorite milestones so far:

1. Affection. Last week, he hugged me for the first time. This week it was a kiss. I completely adore that he is such a loving baby.

2. Germs. Ok, I know this isn't a real milestone, but it is still important! It was 3 months before I started taking my baby in public, even then he stayed covered. On one side, it was flu season and there was a local outbreak of whooping cough. On the other side, Mr. Huu thought I was crazy. On the plus side, last week the pediatrician said congratulations on surviving the sick season without any extra doctor visits :) We survived winter, now it's time to enjoy the summer sun.

3. Excitement. It's a special feeling when a baby learns to show excitement towards people they love. That first smile stays imprinted in your heart forever, but every smile after that is just as beautiful.

4. Laughing. I don't always know why Baby Huu finds something funny, but it's hilarious to watch him crack up.

5. Frustration. With each period of struggling comes a moment of growth. He may spend days moaning or crying in frustration, but once he accomplishes that new milestone, it's a beautiful moment. One worth the pain of sitting there, listening to him struggle. If I pick him up every time, he will never grow.

Be it baby or self, what milestones are you working for right now?