Saturday, March 22, 2014

What is Quick PIc?

What is Quick Pic? It's the mommy version of daily outfit pics. The purpose is not to show fully planned outfits, but to show that a well curated wardrobe means you can toss anything on and look put together. It's not about going the whole 9 yards with a full face and a fully accessorized outfit. It's about not beating myself up as a new mother over how I look while still enjoying getting dressed.

Postpartum, what you can wear/do happens in phases. In the beginning of motherhood, you are lucky if you can shower. As gross as that is, it's the truth. Don't worry, it passes. Little by little you have time to do more as your baby adjusts to their new world. Eventually you can clean the house, then maybe go out for a drink, and have playtime with your little one (which is the best part). In between each stage, you are able to do more for yourself, but the love you have for your little one makes them a priority. There's a balance you must meet between making baby number one and taking care of yourself enough that you can better care for the little one. There are things you can do to make that an easier task, such as simplifying your make up routine and wardrobe. The quick pic series will show what happens when you curate a wardrobe to suite your lifestyle.

Todays photo op perfectly exemplifies the goal of quick pic. I didn't get many shots in before the baby decided his outfit needed to be featured too. This is one of my favorite outfits. It always looks good, feels good, and the scarf keeps the lo busy.