Saturday, March 15, 2014

What is Mommy Madness?

Mommy madness. It's when I dash around the house like a crazy lady, scrambling to finish a project. It's when I can't remember my name from sleep exhaustion. It's when I both need a change, but wouldn't have my life any other way. It's something all mom's have in common. It's the madness of life, and it's good to pause. Take a moment to breathe, do something little. A Real Simple article about calming clutter contained a quote: ...organize to the point where you bring serenity into your life...that's rarely achieved by perfectionism. I fell in love with that thought. Perfectionism can't achieve what you are seeking. Instead, it complicates life. I find that I'm much happier keeping a few empty bins around for clutter that sneaks up on me, then when constantly trying keep everything perfect. Those bins mean I can breathe, focus on family, and rest easy knowing clutter will be fixed but it doesn't have to stare me down waiting for a home. That is mommy madness: prioritizing, breathing, accomplishing, failing, and loving.