Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Couturier Threads: The Red Show

 photo IMG_0227.jpg

During one of my mommy madness cleaning sprees, I came across all of my garments from school. Seeing them dug up a lot of emotions. I haven't designed a single item since leaving school. With only a year left to becoming an official fashion designer, I keep telling myself that eventually I will go back. As more time passes, it's like I'm falling farther behind. Going back means starting over with the program, especially since I haven't been using my skills.

This particular dress is a very special one. It made it down the runway for the Red Show. Out of hundreds of submissions, 80 were chosen and mine was one of them. That's the first time I started to develop some confidence in my designs. Seeing this dress again reminded me that an education isn't the only means of following your dreams. It takes more effort, but the school of hard knocks is an equally respectable road to take. Couturier Threads is a monthly series meant to showcase new designs. So join me as I navigate the rocky trail and discover where it leads.